This project was an EU LLP Comenius multilateral school partnership project which  
  started in September 2012 and ended in June 2014. Preparatory meeting was held  
  in Guadalcanal, Spain in December 2011 with participants from Spain, Poland, Slovenia  
  and Finland. A school from France joined us later.  
  The main aim of the project was to share our traditions through showing  
  other project partners our cultural inheritance, having to do with certain  
  local legends, traditional songs and dances, traditional dishes and how they  
  have become so important to our countries, knowing that what we share  
  is going to bring us together in a common European citizenship.  
  The more we knew about our partners´ traditions, the closer we felt and we  
  learned from each other by sharing our cultural inheritance to make us feel  
  part of one, same Europe with its´cultural differences but with the same values.