First project task was to make a starting questionnaire to see how well  
  we know each other. here are the results in different countries (in PDF):  
  Finland     France     Poland     Slovenia     Spain  
  12/2012 Cookery Book +Polish dishes, +Finnish dishes, Spanish dishes 1, 2, 3, French dishes 1, 2  
  2/2013 Student Mobility Survey  
  3/2013 Conversation Guide  
  3/2013 Easter and Spring traditions in Spain: slideshow1, slideshow2, slideshow3, PPT  
  4/2013 Easter traditions in Poland and Spring traditions in France  
  5/2013 Spring traditions in Slovenia  
  9/2013 National legends: Spain (poster), Poland (poster), Slovenia (poster), Finland (poster), France (poster)  
  9/2013 Project evaluation this far: Spain, Poland, Slovenia, Finland, France  
  10/2013 Project evaluation from Marie-Christine and Marie-José(FRA)  
  12/2013 Christmas traditions: Spain1, Spain2, Spain3, Slovenia, Finland1, Finland2,  
                                                         Poland, France1, France2, France3, France4   
  12/2013 Christmas greetings: France, Finland1, Slovenia, Spain (carols), Poland     
  3/2014 How to dance sevillanas  
  3/2014 How to dance polonaise  
  3/2014 French dance1, dance2  
  5/2014 National Folk Dance Concert in Slovenia  
  5/2014 Wawel The Dragon play performed in Poland  
  5/2014 A video summarizing the project meetings